Monday, October 19, 2020

Save Her

A small game built in G-develop!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Drawing Batch 11-23-19

purpur - Copy

Not a big crazy post this time, I just want to catalogue some of my drawings with you all.

my first Piece for you all is just a beautiful purple girl that is the newest in this post.

I have to give myself compliments (something that I'm finding very important) I am getting much, much better at coloring my drawings!

subwaygirl - CopyNext, We have a little lady that I drew while in subway, inspired by the love of my life who is officially a sandwich artist, and LOVES it.


mollycoddlemd - CopyThis piece here, is a drawing of Molly Coddle from the old stop motion cartoon, “Bump in the Night”.

It’s a show I remember fondly growing up, and she is such a sweetheart! go check her out! videos are on YouTube currently.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to make an Original Character

So, you may be wondering…

How in the heckin hell am I supposed to just MAKE  a whole  character from scratch in my head?  Honestly I’m not sure, but we are going to try!

Here is my game plan.

Let’s layout what we want our project’s roadmap to be.  Make a list
  1. Let’s get FUCKIN’ inspired!

  2. Iterate, and work for yourself!

  3. Finalize and Share

Let’s get inspired!

Our first goal is to get inspired.  Find a character you like in fiction and figure out what you like about them. Then, you can use that as inspiration for making a character you like, just remember to try to make it your own and not just a recolored sonic oc.
I decided too use an adorable, and retro character thatum-jammer-lammy I've been head over heals in love with for ages now, Um Jammer Lammy. She originates from the ps1 classic game by the same name. Lammy is shy and reserved until she has her guitar, it brings her confidence out. I love her hair, and her overall personality.
I took the aspects of Lammy that I adore, and combined them with other character tropes I enjoy. I wanted Her to have a very visible silhouette so I wanted to use her horns and ears to give her an X shaped head, along with a very pear-like shape. Ovisa, WOOL
I chose Ovisa, as her name because a sheep is part of the genus Ovis, so I figured it would be cute to give her name a little extra meaning. As for her personality, I took the aloofness Lammy’s anxiety gives her, but also gave her a false confidence. I imagine she’s exploring her world for the first time in her life. The Sheeple she grew up around didn't like to get out much and tried not to question their people’s ways. Ovisa was tired of that, she knew there was more out there, and even though she isn't wise enough to be exploring on her own, she took the first step of her journey for self discovery.


I'm still very unsure about Ovisa’s design. That’s not a bad thing though, in fact it’s good to 69875423_455513365045923_3212073661196402688_nbe iterative in art. Just like doing a commission, you take what your client, in this case you, wants and iterate on it until they are pleased. This character is for you after all!
Don’t be afraid to change them as your mind develops their personality into something more concrete. For example, every time I draw her I always tweak her ears, or focus on trying out new clothes. As you grow as an artist, so will their design, and character.

Finalization and Sharing

When you have your design to a point that you’re some-what, because there is always growth that can happen, happy with, it is almost time to share your character with others to gauge their reactions!
Put together a beautiful little illustration introducing your audience to your character, maybe even throw together a small comic so they can get a feel for the being you’ve conceived in your skull. This allows you to  bring your community into your process, and to get more ideas and feedback on where you should take your character next.Ovisa, cornersit
Try to remember though that this character is for you! Make yourself  happy first.


I tried to write this post to let you into my thought process and direct not only you, the reader, but myself on how my process should be for creating a character that I can use. I haven't spent much time with characters of my own and I'm trying to turn a new leaf and focus on drawing more things and characters that just make Me  happy.
Being happy, if you can’t tell, is very important to me, and its also a very large reason why this blog exists. To breed a community around allowing ourselves to be happy regardless of the pressure our culture has created.

let’s just focus on making what we love and being happy.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Art and Inspiration

Chronicling Inspiration - A Conversation

Why it's crucial to find Inspiration.

I know sometimes finding inspiration can be hard, sometimes downright impossible, but a little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to capturing that drive to create. There are a few tactics that I try to employ to find inspiration in what I do, and if you're a struggling creative who is having a hard time finding the elusive next project maybe stick around after the break and check it out.

Artistic Disillusion - A conversation

A conversation about the damage of 

-Artistic Disillusion-

  Artistic Disillusion, to me is when something happens in your life that destroys your faith and understanding of what it means to be an artist. Maybe a tragic event changed the way you viewed yourself, or maybe after years of enjoying what you do all of a sudden your expectations for yourself grow out of control to a destructive degree. I've seen this happen to many people, myself included.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Truth Behind Artistic Expression

I'm feeling Expressive 

Some doodles from practicing on the Direkt Tek Laptop. It's pretty cool!

There's also a rant-ish piece that id love for you to read, under the READ MORE.

Ah, Of course, here we sit in the middle of the night again. Just you, me, and our computers. We contemplate what to make, how to be successful, and what we need to do to make sure the people we love are okay. It's one of the hardest things in the world, finding yourself and how to be happy, especially when you rely on people everyday to make sure you keep breathing.

Direkt tek Laptop - an awesome and cheap productivity tool for 100 bucks!

So sure, This isn't a post necessarily about art, but this machine is fantastic for the price. If you are looking for a laptop for some simple doodling, or full blown working on the go check them out.

Their Aluminum body is paired with a 360 hinge, with internals boasting a dual core cpu with intel hd graphics 500, 4gbs of ram, and a spare m.2 port for connecting a speedy solid state drive to, makes an awesome little portable productivity machine. Did I forget to mention the Direkt tek  laptop also comes with an active stylus to make drawing and notations easy as hell? It may not be the strongest device but its professional feel and unique features make it awesome for the aspire artist or writer. You can easily find this laptop for around 100 dollars on eBay and id definitely recommend it.