Saturday, August 31, 2019

Art and Inspiration

Chronicling Inspiration - A Conversation

Why it's crucial to find Inspiration.

I know sometimes finding inspiration can be hard, sometimes downright impossible, but a little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to capturing that drive to create. There are a few tactics that I try to employ to find inspiration in what I do, and if you're a struggling creative who is having a hard time finding the elusive next project maybe stick around after the break and check it out.

Trying to feed your creative drive.

There's a practice that seems counter intuitive at first, but I promise it helps, not just creatives but anyone who is faced with a decision. It's very simple to do, all you have to do is consume, or experience new things. I know, I know, your not making the next Picasso if you're out exploring a town, or watching your favorite fan servicey anime, but this method does work. Just think for a moment, how could anyone ever think of Spiderman if they had never seen a spider? Well how are you going to make your next scifi thriller staring a kid who has a passion for cashews, if you don't have a visual library of what futuristic structures look like, or cashews. You simply can't so instead of beating your head on that keyboard, relax and let yourself find something you love, and draw that love, or write what you find.

 Beat your head off that keyboard!

I just told you not to do this, but it really is effective. Just make sure your keyboard is strong enough to handle the abuse. Sit down at your computer, typewriter, or inkwell and just start typing let your ideas flow until you make something you like, or just makes something random enough to share with your friends! Regardless of what you create I'm sure youll learn something, just be nice to yourself. That 130$ RGB lit keyboard has a warranty but your mental health does not. Play Nice.

Challenge yourself.

This is kind of stressful, so some people don't really enjoy it, but putting yourself in a constraint of some kind will in fact give results. Do a 30 day challenge and get all those prompts drawn, or make a time limit and hold yourself to it. Knowing that you cant watch Ashen's on youtube all day or else you wont meet your goal will push you towards setting down your snack and actually completing what you want to accomplish. Don't throw away that snack though because when you do finish your goal, you will be feeling pretty proud of yourself. Good for you, have a reward!

Why are we taking about this?

Oh you didn't ask? Too bad!

I wanted to talk about this to give context to the doodle ive posted above. Its of a character by synthethiccangel on twitter, that they had recently done a 30 day challenge called outfit august for. I loved the energy she has and the style she was illustrated in was so inspiring that every time I saw her drawn I wanted more and more to draw her. I wanted to experience drawing a character that made me so happy. I let myself enjoy the content, consume it, then I made something out of the new info in my visual library. 

In summary, just get out there and make stuff! Though, we all need to remember to let ourselves experience other things, so we can bring it back to our passion.

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