Thursday, August 29, 2019

Direkt tek Laptop - an awesome and cheap productivity tool for 100 bucks!

So sure, This isn't a post necessarily about art, but this machine is fantastic for the price. If you are looking for a laptop for some simple doodling, or full blown working on the go check them out.

Their Aluminum body is paired with a 360 hinge, with internals boasting a dual core cpu with intel hd graphics 500, 4gbs of ram, and a spare m.2 port for connecting a speedy solid state drive to, makes an awesome little portable productivity machine. Did I forget to mention the Direkt tek  laptop also comes with an active stylus to make drawing and notations easy as hell? It may not be the strongest device but its professional feel and unique features make it awesome for the aspire artist or writer. You can easily find this laptop for around 100 dollars on eBay and id definitely recommend it.

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