Friday, August 9, 2019

Priscilla: Hopping Gills

There's the original sketch at the bottom for those who READ MORE 

This cute fishy woman is a character made by Hernyed from the comic at 

   I've adored this mans art for a long time, originally following him on tumblr as KindaHernyArt. I found something about the way he draws to be so inspiring and clean! While I was in high school I swore I wanted to draw porn like he did, ha
   Although he is a fantastic artist, I have found myself drifting away after the tumblr purge, I still follow him on twitter and smile seeing every little thing he creates, but theres a disconnect for me now, because I realized I don't want to be exactly like him. I want to be myself, and let who I am be represented in my art more.

  I've grown to learn that its okay to look up to an artist, and enjoy their work, but to treat them as a god thats more worthy than the own things you create does a disservice to your whole world.

What you make should be who you are.

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