Saturday, November 23, 2019

Drawing Batch 11-23-19

purpur - Copy

Not a big crazy post this time, I just want to catalogue some of my drawings with you all.

my first Piece for you all is just a beautiful purple girl that is the newest in this post.

I have to give myself compliments (something that I'm finding very important) I am getting much, much better at coloring my drawings!

subwaygirl - CopyNext, We have a little lady that I drew while in subway, inspired by the love of my life who is officially a sandwich artist, and LOVES it.


mollycoddlemd - CopyThis piece here, is a drawing of Molly Coddle from the old stop motion cartoon, “Bump in the Night”.

It’s a show I remember fondly growing up, and she is such a sweetheart! go check her out! videos are on YouTube currently.

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